Do you know the rubbish in the garbage can would breed millions of bacterias if you don’t take them out timely. And the improper treatment of used disposable face masks and gloves might add risks to the spread of COVID-19. Generally, the virus can last for 3 to 7 days on the surface of plastic or stainless steel, papers up to 4 days. It’s essential to sterilize the wastes at home and office.

Oshiner Bin Disinfector, using UVC light to sterilize the wastes in the trash can. Through UV irradiation, the DNA structure of the virus will be damaged. It has been proven that the UVC lamp can destroy bacteria, fungi, viruses, and unicellular algae. The radiation is over 2000 μW/cm² that it takes only 10 seconds for the effects of disinfection to kick in.

The UV sterilizer has a built-in gravity sensor, which can automatically turn on the UV lamp when the bin lid is closed and shut down when it’s open, by making it as safe, easy-use and as stress-free as possible. The device is rechargeable that it can continuously work for 2 weeks.


★ Easy Installation and Dismounting

The device is very tiny and light that it can be stick on the bin cover and easily dismounted from the bracket when it’s charging.

★ Save Energy – Auto Timer

The UVC disinfector has a built-in auto-timer that the unit will disinfect the wastes in 5 minutes per time. When the bin is open-and-closed, it is considered as one time.

★ Kill Virus & Bacteria Efficiently

It can sharply kill majority of viruses and germs to stop the spread and keep home hygienically clean.


Item Model#OSN-BD03002GY
Lifetime of UVC Light10000hrs
Rated Power3.0 W at Max / 5V/0.5A
Battery Capacity1200mAh
UV Wavelength254nm
Ozone Output0.01 – 0.05ppm
Ambient Temperature0 – 60 ℃
Relative Humidity10 – 75% RH
Net Weight66g
Dimension125 * 38 * 18mm / 4.9′ * 1.5′ * 0.7′
Color OptionsBlack / White / Grey
CertificationCE / RoHs / FCC

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