An innovative laundry way without detergent has come out. Thanks for the ozone technology, it’s time to say goodbye to all the chemicals!

Oshiner Ozone Laundry System uses the power of active oxygen to clean and sterilize clothes. You don’t need to put a lot more of the detergent, bleach, and softener any longer. At least 75% less detergent can be saved per year for a family of four!

It has been proven that the disinfecting power of ozone is 3000 times higher than chlorine and 30 times than cresol, which can kill 99.9% virus and bacteria. Amazingly, the ozone smell will completely evaporate in the air after 20 minutes.

O3 Water Machine
LED Display
Touch Panel


♦ The ozonizer needs cold water ONLY.

♦ Effectively attacks and combats bacteria, viruses, mold & mildew.

♦ Easily mounted——5 minutes’ installation without any special tools.

♦ Go green lifestyle

Money Saving – 75% Less Detergent & Saving 7 Tons+ Water Per Year!

Oshiner ozone laundry system uses little to no detergent and decreases the rinsing times to clean the clothes. It could sharply reduce washing expenses and save water.

Eliminate Viruses and Bacteria

Its strong sterilizing power of natural oxygenation can kill 99.9% viruses and bacteria on clothes. Washing underwear separately is not necessary anymore.

Avoid from Skin Allergies

The ozone generator also can effectively clear accumulated residual chemicals and viruses to avoid skin allergies.

Keep Clothes NEW

Oshiner Active Oxygen Washer Mate does laundry in a more natural way, which highly prevents cloth fiber damage and fading. It also makes your clothes much softer.


Item Model#OSN-LS01001WT
Rated Power 100-240V/50-60Hz
Product Size 18.8” x 9.45” x 3.15” / 48cm x 24cm x 8cm
Net Weight6.6lbs / 3kgs
Water Pressure20PSI — 100PSI
Water Flow4.5L/min
Ambient Temperature0℃ — 50℃
Ozone Concentration 0.5 – 1mg/L
CertificationsCE / RoHS / EMC 【TUV Certificated

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